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Alphagem is a family laboratory offering gemmotherapy concentrated (buds, young shoots, rootlets) created in collaboration with Philippe Andrianne

Thanks to the experience of Mr AndriannePresident of the European Federation of Herbalism, Alphagem has developed a high quality range of products, respecting the fundamental rules of gemmotherapy and meeting the standards of the International Association of Gemmotherapy

This range presents 37 macerates glycerine undiluted from the harvest of buds as soon as the sap rises. These are stabilized directly at the place of harvest. All products are made under quality control and are certified organic ingredients Alphagem also offers a range of 20 gemmo-complexes from the Treaty from Gemmotherapy", Ed Amirys

These complexes include synergies of several buds alone or associated with hydrolats and/or essential oils, fluid extracts or mother tinctures. These complexes have been designed to best respond to a physiopathology, respecting the recommendations of Dr Pol Henry and Philippe Andrainnes, the precursors of the phytembryotherapy and the gemmotherapy.