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This is the motto of the Laboratoires Sciencequilibre, created in France in 2007. It perfectly illustrates the philosophy that gave birth to them and that has been driving them for more than 11 years.

All their food supplements are composed of at least 7 plants that are perfectly complementary and carefully dosed for a global action that takes into account not only the desired goal but also the needs of the body and the effects over the long term. Their cosmetics are no exception to the rule, combining plants, essential oils and 200 ppm colloidal silver, depending on the case.

Since their creation, they have always chosen excellence rather than cost reduction. This is why all the plants are from Organic Agriculture, without concession, and their range is certified Organic by the certifying body ECOCERT. Their zero-petrol pillboxes are made of GMO-free corn fibre. It is for you a guarantee of seriousness and safety. As for their cosmetics, they are also made in France from the finest ingredients, and have been awarded the Cosmébio label and the Slow Cosmetic label.