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VIT'ALL+®, founded in France in 1987, was the first company to manufacture and distribute in France a complete range of orthomolecular food supplements of the highest quality. Our supplements are exclusive, innovative formulas developed with natural ingredients in order to meet the nutritional needs of everyone, from children to senior citizens, women as well as men.

VIT'ALL+® commitments:
Naturalness of ingredients: we favour the most natural nutrients and ingredients possible; if not, we use "bio-identical" nutrients.

Quality: we guarantee the quality, traceability and safety of our ingredients. We ensure optimal product quality thanks to strict control procedures at all stages from production to distribution, in compliance with national and European regulations. VIT'ALL+® has been ECOCERT certified since 2004. VIT'ALL+® is a member of Synadiet and adheres to the quality charter.

Our food supplements are guaranteed to be free of salt, sugar, gluten, starch, yeast, preservatives and artificial colouring. They are suitable for vegetarians (unless otherwise stated).