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Deeply attached to her origins in the Champagne region, Stéphanie BATTEUX has a love of the earth and respect for nature. It is quite naturally that she is interested in materials such as bamboo, soy jersey or organic cotton for her first creations. From this meeting between textile and nature, the brand was born in 2005.

The sewing workshop is located in Fontaine S/Ay, in the heart of the Champagne vineyards. In order to contribute to the development and preservation of the environment, all the production is carried out in an unheated workshop, located in a low-energy house, with solar panels and a wind turbine. The trips are made by electric car and the waste is recycled: it is transformed into upcycling or given to schools or to organic wine growers for compost.

Mademoiselle Papillonne Couture's main concern is to combine quality and respect for the environment in the development of its products. In 2012, it entered into a resolutely ecological approach by launching a line of bath towels and cosmetic accessories: washable wipes are a real alternative to disposable products, they are part of a sustainable development and smart consumption approach to preserve our planet. One thing leading to another, new creations are regularly added to the collection in the Mum/Baby, Spa/Institute and bulk bags lines. Products such as the make-up headband, the sleeping mask or the recycled shower flower reinterpret and revalue the materials used.