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Le Safran - L'Or Rouge des Ardennes has been growing saffron since 2009, first a hundred bulbs were planted, then a thousand, then thousands, in order to test recipes and to offer you quality products on this site. Today, nearly 1ha, which make "Le Safran - L'Or Rouge des Ardennes", one of the largest saffron farm in Champagne-Ardenne.

Their saffron fields are located on two different plots of land, slightly sloping and ideally facing south-east. One is a former pasture and the second, a plot formerly cultivated with peas, a legume rich in nitrogen.

On one of the plots, they have created a saffron nursery. Why a nursery? To guarantee healthy bulbs! Considering the important investment that represents the plantation of a saffron nursery, prudence is necessary. Moreover, the bulbs acclimatize to the ground and the climate on which they are cultivated. To plant bulbs of quality is a pledge of certain success.

Their culture is totally natural, they do not use any chemical treatment. They are certified AB by the organization Ecocert France, as attested by our certificate. Their cultivation methods are totally mechanized (planter, weeding machine) except for the picking and pruning which remain manual to offer you a quality saffron, without residue. Moles are caught thanks to traps, a grid has been installed to protect the leaves and flowers from predators. Birds of prey nesting boxes are also placed in order to catch voles, etc. which could attack the bulbs.

This year the saffron was also awarded a silver medal at the Concours Général Agricole at the Salon de l'Agriculture in Paris.