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Swedish elixir: digestion, purification and tonic

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The birth of theElixir of the Swede would go back up with the old civilizations of Babylon and Egypt, where there existed a mysterious (elixir of long life), reserved for the kings and the priests of the time.

It was in the 12th century, during the period of the Crusades, that the recipe came to us and circulated under different names among herbalists, alchemists and researchers. The most famous of them were Paracelsus in the sixteenth century, followed by Doctor Samst in the eighteenth century, a Swedish doctor. The latter definitively wrote the composition of what was later called "theElixir of the Swede ".

Natural product essentially composed of bitter plants and alcohol, the elixir of the Swede has the following properties :

- Detoxify the body and tone it ( it helps digestion after a meal too rich).
- Depurative action: disinfect, detoxify, stimulate circulation.
- Sovereign digestive action against flatulence, stomach heaviness, cramps, nausea, heartburn or constipation.
- Tonic action: the plant extracts contained in the preparation are known to fight and prevent general and intellectual fatigue, and even sexual fatigue!
- Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, in external use it can also relieve insect bites, irritations, small inflammations, pimples or acne..

It is thus at the same time digestive, tonic and depurative, i.e. that it recapitulates with him only the whole protocol of a cure of detoxication and naturopathic regeneration