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Owl balms

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These balms made of essential oils and carefully chosen plant oils are perfect for soothing insect bites, promoting a good night's sleep or soothing painful joints

Natural care with Owl balms
Discover all the richness of nature through this range of balms made from 100% natural products. Complete your care kit with this collection designed to soothe and effectively relieve small everyday ailments. You will love the sweetness of the aromas that will remind you of the great diversity and richness of nature. The Owl balms are based on medicinal plants, vegetable oils, plant extracts and essential oils.

The brand uses natural ingredients in the composition of its balms, components certified in organic farming and applies proven methods to offer high-end and refined products. You will appreciate the effectiveness of each balm, some preparations are the result of the improvement of natural remedies used since the Middle Ages. For example, arnica is used to soothe hematomas, bruises and bumps.

With the Owl Balm " Hiver Tranquille Bio ", your respiratory tracts decongest naturally. It will not leave your bag as soon as the first cold days arrive.

During the summer season, the container of Organic Bite Relief becomes your best ally. When you are walking in the nature and you are stung by insects, this reference is useful to soothe the itching.

If you need help to fall asleep peacefully, treat yourself to the Owl Sleep Balm. Relaxing and comforting, this preparation helps to promote sleep. You will wake up in good shape and you will find a good mood in your daily life.

For sportsmen, we recommend the "Organic Muscle Vitality" balm. It prepares the muscles before physical effort. After sport, it can also be used to help the muscles relax.

The Organic Foot Care, rich in natural active agents, allows you to refresh and soothe your feet when they are hot or damaged. For your travels, Secret naturel has planned everything with 7 ml containers: offer yourself the Owl Balm Organic Travel Kit to leave light and serene.