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Pur Aloé is manufactured by the laboratory Ciel d'Azur. This one was born in 1984 from an artisanal activity of production of scents in the Maritime Alps, some of which, like the Plants to burn, are more than ever topical.

Indeed, unlike most of the products of this kind which pose a problem, they fully comply with the recent regulation concerning the criterion of non-emission of toxic gases from fragrance products, being entirely composed of wild aromatic plants and natural resins

The Pur'Aloe range was created in 2004. Until then, France was so far behind in the knowledge of Aloe Vera that practically no scientific publication in our language had been published. This delay has now been overcome thanks to the theses of Dr. Morin published in October 2008 and Dr. Michayewicz published in 2013. We thank them for their exhaustive work in French

"Water has therefore flowed under the bridge and from now on aloe vera is very well known in our country. We have become the leader and the only manufacturer of Aloe products in France, mastering its production from cultivation to finished products.

In 2020, Ciel d'Azur Labs is advancing aloe research with
a 1,000m2 agronomic research greenhouse reproducing different tropical climates.
In summer, the windows are opened as much as possible to promote air circulation and reduce heat.
The 1,000m2 of photovoltaic panels in glass serve as protection since they only let 50% of the sun's rays through.

The main contribution is made by geothermal energy (recovery of calories stored in the ground).
The temperature in Haute Provence varies from -10°C to 40°C depending on the season. For at least 6 months of the year, the temperature in the greenhouse is higher than outside.

A storage basin (in the form of water) of the daytime heat allows to use the heat accumulated during the night and the days of absence of sun.

In cold periods, the heat is stored in the 300m3 of soil and the 72m3 of water in the basin.