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The wealth of benefits of aloe arborescens in different forms

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L'Aloe arborescensavailable at the herbalist's shop Louis

Where to find theAloe arborescens ?

L'Aloe arborescens is present all over the world: in South Africa, in Russia, in South America... TheAloe arborescens Miller originates from Africa and grows wild in the semi-desert regions of Central Asia and has been extensively studied by the Russians.

What are the benefits and properties ofAloe arborescens ?

The virtues of this plant were rediscovered by Father Zago in Brazil. The results obtained on the patients encouraged him to make the recipe known throughout the world: the famous recipe of Father Romano Zago was born! Used in cosmetics for hair and skin care, theAloe arborescens is also recommended for its depurative and stimulating virtues.

What is the dosage ofAloe arborescens ?

The juice ofAloe arborescens can be used internally, at a rate of 2 tablespoons up to 3 times a day, and externally in case of skin problems or tendonitis.

What are the contraindications ofAloe arborescens ?

For internal use, theAloe arborescens is contraindicated in case of anticoagulants because this plant acts as blood thinner. Therefore, it is essential to talk to your doctor if you suffer from high blood pressure already treated by medication.
You will not be able to use theAloe arborescens during pregnancy and lactation.

What will you find in this section of the herbalist shop dedicated toAloe arborescens ?

The father Zago's recipe is obviously the most popular reference in this category. Composed ofAloe arborescensIt is not suitable for everyone, however. Indeed, diabetics will prefer the agave juice recipe without honey and people who can't stand alcohol should choose the alcohol-free recipebased on grapefruit seed extract. We also offer a concentrated extract of gemmotherapy made from the buds to be used in case of digestive disorders or inflammation as well as from theFreeze-dried Aloe arborescensIt is convenient to use thanks to its 14 single-dose bottles. A anti-inflammatory gel is also proposed in case of joint pain, combining theAloe arborescens to theHarpagophytum.
Cosmetics are not forgotten because a hand creama anti-wrinkle carea soap or a shampoo are offered at the herbalist's shop.