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Water from Quinton from the Breton coast for your health

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Seawater to heal? What kind of idea is that? However, it was based on this idea that René Quinton, a French physiologist and biologist, decided to use seawater for therapeutic purposes.
Throughout his career,René Quinton tried to demonstrate that sea water and blood plasma have similarities in terms of trace elements and minerals.

The water from Quinton is made up of seawater drawn from a depth of 30 metres off the coast of Brittany, in the centre of eddies known as vortexes. This water does not contain any plankton, i.e. living organisms.
The water is filtered, its temperature is stabilized and then it is cold sterilized. It is also analyzed throughout the process to ensure that it is free of pollution and that its composition remains stable

Quinton hypertonic water or the isotonic version is available in ampoules or as a spray (nasal, dermal and ocular).

Quinton water is also called marine plasma.