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Integrated Suspensions of Fresh Plants

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The objective of Synergiathe laboratory behind the Integrated Suspensions of Fresh Plantshas always been to achieve a plant extract which preserves all the active ingredients of the fresh plants: thanks to the SIPFYou will find all the components and properties of the fresh plant in liquid form! Hydroalcoholic extracts SIPF have not undergone filtration, drying or enzymatic degradation, which allows to obtain extracts that are extremely effective and have a longer shelf life than other traditional galenic forms

Labelled Organic (AB) by Ecorcert, this process allows you to take full advantage of the many properties of the plants, including
- the SIPF from Horsetail Organic silica: rich in organic silica, it is recommended to reconstitute the tissues (skin, hair, nails) but also in case of joint disorders related to a demineralization of the bone structure.
- the SIPF from Horse chestnut and Sweet Clover Ideal in case of heavy, tired legs and circulation disorders linked to venous insufficiency, these Integrated Suspensions of Fresh Plants will be used for example during the strong heats
- the SIPF d'Artichoke and Dandelion These plants are known for their ability to relieve digestive problems and heavy liver. Thanks to its patented process of Integral Suspension of Fresh Plants, Synergia offers highly concentrated extracts that allow us to take full advantage of the many benefits of these hepatic plants.
- the SIPF from Passionflower and Valerian Sleep disorders affect many people. The Integrated Suspensions of Fresh Plants valerian and Passionflower are there to help us find a restful sleep and to reduce stress and anxiety.
- Nettle, Burdock, St. John's wort, Fucus, Cassis, Hawthorn or even Echinacea : the laboratory Synergia offers a wide range of Integrated Suspensions of Fresh Plants so that everyone can find the plant best suited to their body.