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Organic Medicinal Plants of the Herbalist in Mixtures

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Medicinal plant mixtures and compound teas available at the herbalist's shop Louis

Why use several plants in herbalism ?

Herbalism is by definition the art of combining plants to get the best properties. Very often, a synergistic action of several plants is desirable compared to taking only one plant

For example, in an herbal tea designed to relieve jointsit is advisable to combine plants with anti-inflammatory properties such asharpagophytum or meadowsweet with plants that will remineralize the body thanks to their silicon (horsetail or nettle).

The same reasoning can be made for all the mixtures proposed in the herbalist's shop. For an herbal tea aimed at digestiveFor example, it will be necessary to associate plants that are effective in the case of bloating (fennel, caraway) with plants that will help digestion by stimulating the digestive system (gentian, basil).

How are these medicinal plant mixtures chosen?

Louis, your qualified herbalist, has selected these mixtures of organic medicinal plants in his herbalist shop so that they can relieve you naturally.

Thanks to a preparation and a drying of high qualities, the plants are thus ready to associate and to offer you the best of their active principles.

The popular adage that there is strength in numbers also applies to the field of herbal medicine and the world of medicinal plants! Indeed, it is often the union of several medicinal plants and their active ingredients that will optimize the desired effects. A mixture of organic plants carefully selected by our herbalist and which will offer you a pure moment of gustatory pleasure while bringing all its benefits to your body.

Herbal teas to shape the body
Slimming herbal teas, draining and depurative herbal teas, Louis' herbalist's shop is a selection of plants cultivated without pesticides or GMO with elegant and bewitching flavors. Their draining power and some of their properties will help you lose weight and shape your figure. If you dream of a flat stomach and that your bloating problems are only a bad memory, if you wish to naturally eliminate toxins from your body at each change of season, do not hesitate to discover the medicinal plant mixtures of our herbalist's shop.

Herbal teas to fight against certain daily ailments
The active ingredients contained in our organic plant blends also bring relief to your body. Some blends have been developed to help you regain a circulatory balance, improve the functioning of your liver or find light legs. Other herbal teas from Louis-herboristerie are intended for women who suffer from menopause and its inconveniences or to help maintain a correct sugar level in the body.

Herbal teas for well-being and relaxation
For all those who have problems sleeping or falling asleep, and who wish to remedy this in a natural way, the pleasant ritual of the evening herbal tea will bring you nothing but well-being and will promote quality sleep.
To all those who lack vitality or on the contrary suffer from stress on a daily basis, our organic herbal teas will give you a boost or soothe you.