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Organic Psyllium Blond the friend of the colon for a good digestion

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Organic Psyllium Blond the friend of the colon for a good digestion
Known since antiquity for its therapeutic virtues, the blond psyllium is a prebiotic food supplement, which soothes daily. Its many properties make it a leading product in the category of laxatives in herbal medicine.

Medicinal properties of psyllium
A plant substance belonging to the plantain family and cultivated in Europe, Asia and North Africa, it contributes to regulate intestinal transit. It lubricates the intestines and effectively treats constipation. This can be a collateral effect of a pathology. It is also recommended in case of anal fissures and hemorrhoids. In the case of diarrheaThe mucilage in psyllium seeds will absorb the excess water that makes stools liquid, making them more solid. It is sometimes used in case of irritable bowel syndrome and colitis ulcerous. A significant advantage is that its absorption does not cause bloating or flatulence like some other plant fibers. Organic blond psyllium is an excellent appetite suppressant. It acts on the digestiongives very quickly a feeling of satiety and combined with a low-fat diet, it increases its effectiveness. Some studies have established a link between psyllium consumption and a lower blood pressure of overweight individuals. Some specialists emphasize its ability to keep weight under control cholesterol levels and triglycerides by regular absorption.

In what form should I use Psyllium tegument?
Although both the seed and the husk are used, psyllium can be found in herbal medicine in different forms capsules, teguments or extra-fine powder. It also exists in its original form, in seeds or packaged in bag. It can be added to various foods, particularly to thicken (compote or soups) or even to certain drinks powder is then recommended. Blond psyllium has a very mild taste similar to that of wheat and blends harmoniously and discreetly into the dishes it enriches.

Psyllium, the friend of the colon

How does Psyllium tegument work?

The blond psylliumis such an effective plant for the digestive sphere that it fully deserves its category!

It will act gently to facilitate the transit and regulate intestinal activity, whether it be in the case of constipation or diarrhea. The tegument of blond psyllium has the property to swell in contact with water and to create a gel which will be effective as laxative of ballast. This remarkable property is linked to the presence in quantity of mucilage.

How to use Psyllium tegument ?

Remember to drink enough water while taking psyllium seed and start with small amounts (1 teaspoon per day) before gradually increasing the dose if necessary.

Which association is possible with Psyllium blond?

Don't hesitate to combine psyllium blond with other herbalist references such as flaxseed or the probiotics.