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Herbalist's Organic Medicinal Plants in Powders

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Organic medicinal plant powders from Herbalism

How are the herbal powders of Louis selected?

The organic plant powders are selected with the same high standards as all the plants and food supplements of theherbalisty Louis.

How can I create my own plant capsules using the powders ?

Thanks to our range of capsules, you will be able to make your own single or mixed herbal capsules; these empty capsules can also be filled with clay to help your digestion or seaweed (spirulina, chlorella, afa klamath) that will boost your vitality

In addition to the ease of use compared to an herbal tea or mother tincture, the choice of medicinal plant powders is also justified by the cost: it is indeed more economical to make your own plant capsules from your own selection rather than buying ready-made capsules. This will also allow you to choose exactly the combination of plants that suits you best

What information is available about herbal powders?

On each plant powder sheet, you will find all the information you need to use them as effectively as possible: in addition to a precise description of the plant and its properties, we also detail the contraindications of the plant and the best way to prepare it

To learn how to make high quality capsules with our herbal powders, we invite you to watch our Youtube herbalist video channel, join us on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) but also download our free herbalist advice app on iOS (Apple ) and Android (Google).

The question often arises: how to choose the form of my medicinal plants? The pharmacopoeia of plants, whether organic or conventional, comes in different forms. When medicinal plants are reduced to powder, it makes them easier to take than an herbal tea for example. It also allows to benefit from a different or more advantageous packaging and sometimes from a more massive contribution of the active principles of the plants. It can also allow you to make your own recipes or mixtures at home for example.

The advantages of medicinal plants in powder form

In addition to the advantages of their packaging, ease of use and concentration of active ingredients, medicinal plants in powder form offer the advantage of being 100% natural since they are not coated and have no glazing agent. Powdered plants have no additives or excipients, no bulking agents, no binders or anti-caking agents. This has the great advantage of not overloading our organs and of not straining our renal or hepatic elimination. The plant is dried in its raw state and then reduced to a powder ready to be consumed.

Louis Herbalism accompanies you

Once you have made your selection on the Louis Herbalism website, you will receive your powdered medicinal plants directly at home, along with all the instructions and recommendations of your herbalist. Each product has a detailed description, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as all the tips to ensure that your preparation is perfect and brings you all the expected benefits. Stimulation of the metabolism, purification, slimming active ingredients, adaptation to stress, neutralization of body acidity, digestion, respiratory tract or complementary ingredients to your preparation, Louis Herbalism has thought of everything!