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Vegetable oils and their rich properties

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What is a vegetable oil?
In connection with the use of essential oils, you will often hear about vegetable oils and the association between essential oils and vegetable oils. But why? We explain:

First of all, it is important to differentiate a vegetable oil from an essential oil. A vegetable oil is a lipidic extract (a fatty substance) from an oleaginous plant, i.e. a plant whose seeds, fruits or nuts contain lipids. There are many vegetable oils for health and beauty, the best known being perhaps olive oil, which is used in our cooking
Each vegetable oil has particular properties depending on its composition. Rich in fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, vegetable oils have everything to offer us to take care of ourselves. In cosmetics, they penetrate the skin very well; they nourish it, protect it, and restore suppleness and radiance. Very well tolerated by the skin, they are essential for skin care.

Discover them and appreciate their texture, their smell and their benefits. Some vegetable oils are also excellent food supplements. To take advantage of their benefits internally, always check the nutritional value of the oil.

Why mix essential oils with vegetable oils?
Vegetable oils are essential for making your DIY blends with essential oils safely and with enhanced effectiveness.
Well chosen according to the problem to be treated, the vegetable oils act in synergy with the essential oils. You can then take advantage of the benefits of the vegetable oil associated with the properties of essential oils for a health, well-being or skin care action. An effective care in all simplicity.
Moreover, by their affinity with the skin, vegetable oils facilitate the absorption of essential oils during use. All the more reason to know all their assets!

Reminder: some essential oils are by nature more irritating to the skin, we advise you to dilute them in a vegetable oil as a precaution.