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Mortars and pestles for herbalists

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You want to create cosmetics or capsules?
The herbalist offers a range of high quality mortars and pestles to facilitate your preparations.

Mortars and pestles of herbalist
Today, using alternative medicine is an excellent alternative to treat small ailments on a daily basis. This is why herbalists offer a wide range of medicinal plants that are used in many therapeutic treatments, curative, preventive, and more. Generally, the plants are used by professionals of traditional medicine, commonly called herbalists. The treated products can be presented in the form of powder, ointment, lotion, liquid, etc.

For this, the herbalist needs specific materials to prepare and mix all the raw materials. These include mortars and pestles, special accessories that are exceptionally designed to suit the needs of herbalists.

Characteristics of mortars and pestles for herbalists
In order to simplify the preparations of herbalists, we offer mortars and pestles made exceptionally in porcelain. Why in porcelain? Because they are high quality materials, practical and easy to clean. Both the mortar and the pestle used with it are made of high quality porcelain. Multifunctional tools, they allow the herbalist to crush dry plants and reduce them to powder, to mix processed products, or for the manufacture and distillation of essential oil.

The various models of mortars and pestles of herbalist
Mortars and pestles are available in several sizes and models. The herbalist will have the choice with mortars of different sizes and equipped with spouts. There are also pestles of various designs and lengths to simplify their handling.
Tips for use and maintenance
In order to extract the therapeutic properties of each plant, the herbalist must work meticulously on each raw material. Therefore, the mortar and pestle are a key element in the preparation of herbs and medicinal plants.