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Voice and vocal cords

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Natural solutions for the voice and vocal cords

The vocal cords are very fragile. Hence the importance of preserving them and thus preserving the voice. In terms of herbal medicine, several solutions exist to preserve this precious organ.

Plants have indeed shown their natural therapeutic effects since ancestral times. And it is thanks to them that we work to relieve irritated throats, in particular.

Medicinal and organic plants

For the vocal cords as for other organs of the body, herbal teas are, in the field of herbalism, very used. They are very useful in case of respiratory problems, voice loss and hoarseness. Here, we select in particular the Erysimum.

Pure and natural essential oils are also part of our range of voice care products. In spray format, they guarantee effective softening. In food supplement format (in the form of capsules), they relieve the respiratory tract. Containing serrapeptase, this food supplement provides anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and analgesic virtues.

Syrups which relieve

When you have a sore throat, the remedy that provides instant relief is syrup. Soothing poppies, herbs, plantain and essential oils are used in herbal medicine for their soothing effects. Our syrups clear the airways and thus soothe throat irritations.

The organic gums with French black propolis, honey and plants complete this effect by soothing the tingling due to seasonal irritations, and by softening the throat and the voice.

Herbalism to the rescue of the throat

Herbal medicine has been working for a long time with medicinal plants on sore throats and all the pathologies they cause. In a therapeutic way, many remedies exist (singing grass, mallow, poppy...) as well as honey, natural soothing.

Thus, honey and lemon lozenges are a particularly interesting therapeutic complement, thanks to their non-peroxidic activity.

Plants offer a variety of interesting and effective therapeutic aspects, whether in herbalism or phytotherapy. This is why we use them to offer you high quality products to relieve, among other ailments, those of the throat and vocal cords.