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Phytotherapy for dogs

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Does your dog have problems with digestion, transit, joints, parasites, etc . ?
To keep your dog healthy, our herbalist has selected food supplements and natural care products to support his body

Phytotherapy for dogs
Plants have many recognized benefits for our bodies, but this is also the case for our pets, especially dogs, who are also receptive to the benefits of plants. Thanks to phytotherapy for animals, it is possible to take care of your pet with natural products and without danger for him.

Take care of your pet with natural products
This is how you can improve his digestion, strengthen the health of his skin, improve his general health or relieve his joints. As many benefits as plants from which your pet can benefit. These natural products can be used every day to help your pet feel better and regain strength and vitality. We offer a wide range of galenic forms, such as food supplements to reinforce the contributions provided by his food. This way you can be sure that your pet's needs are met and that he is in the best shape day after day. Herbal medicine also has other health benefits for dogs, such as improving the beauty of the coat, restoring kidney balance, protecting against parasites, keeping teeth healthy and managing stress. All of these ailments can be relieved with our wide range of products.

Care adapted to dogs, but not only
Many of our products are not only for dogs and can be used to improve the health of other animals. Some of our products are also suitable for cats, they allow you to alleviate the problems of bad breath or painful joints. You will be able to take care of your dog, your favorite feline, but also your horse thanks to natural products which will make his life much more pleasant.