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Does your cat have problems with digestion, transit, joints, parasites, etc . ?
To keep your cat in good health, our herbalist has selected food supplements and natural care products to support his body.




Our herbalist shop has solutions and food supplements specifically developed and adapted to the health, well-being and beauty of your cat. To prevent or treat certain health problems of your little feline, Louis Herbalism offers a wide range of products for the greatest benefit of your cat. 100% natural products in powder, tablets, capsules or spray, which use the curative and preventive properties of plant molecules so that you can take the best care of your little companion.

Louis-herboristerie, products to care for cats
The fabulous power of plants can be used alone or as a complement to certain traditional veterinary treatments for cats to treat them naturally. This is particularly the case for external or internal parasitic diseases such as worms, certain skin diseases, problems and other digestive, intestinal flora or liver disorders, urinary tract infections and renal balance, ailments related to stress and anxiety or respiratory tract problems.

Natural products to strengthen your cat
Older cats often have a weakened immune system, as do those recovering from illness or surgery. Others may suffer from an illness that affects their immune system or joints, and some cats may experience depressive or stressful episodes. To help them regain their good health and vitality, to help them stay in shape, phytotherapy is an excellent support.

In prevention of certain diseases
Cats in good health can also benefit from phytotherapy for cats: stimulation of their immune defenses thanks to antioxidants as winter approaches, dental care, skin care, or even beauty of the coat, phytotherapy for cats and its recognized benefits on their health have not finished surprising you!