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Rare and precious essential oils

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LouisOur herbalist has selected a range of rare and lesser-known essentialoilsthat are rich in active principles.
Recognized for their high quality, these oils are intended for people who know and master aromatherapy

Essential oils, rare and precious products
The essential oil is a concentrate of active plant ingredients obtained by a very particular process. We have always used them because their properties are incredible. They are full of secrets and benefits to soothe our little daily ailments. Today it is possible to use essential oils in cosmetics, in our household products, or for its benefits on the body. But do you know exactly what an essential oil is?

What is an essential oil?
An essential oil is not a fatty substance, contrary to what one might think. In fact, it is rather an extremely rich concentrate of active principles that are originally found in plants. The herbalist's shop Louis offers you a selection of rare essential oils, such as carrot oil, sea fennel oil or khella oil.

How is it obtained?
Essential oils are obtained mainly through two methods, which are the most widespread. The first one concerns mainly plants and flowers, it is the steam distillation. This process is used with a still. The aim of this method is to use water and heat so that the active molecules concentrated in the plants are captured by the water. Then, thanks to the condensation of the water, the water is separated from the oil and the oil is recovered. The second method is simpler, it is the cold pressure, it is more often used for the zests of fruits.

Essential oils are precious
It takes a lot of plant mass to extract just a few millilitres of pure active ingredient, which is why essential oils are so precious. It is also because they are very concentrated that they must be used with care. Louis herboristerie will help you choose your essential oils so that you can get the maximum benefit from their use