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Essential oils for hair, skin and nails

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Louis, our herbalist, has selected a range of essential oils to take care of your skin, your hair and your nails.

Essential oils for hair, skin and nails
Essential oils are used in the composition of many beauty products and treatments. Whatever the nature of the problems that you meet, aromatherapy suggests solutions to you to discover quickly with LOUIS-HERBORISTERIE.COM.

Essential oils: a concentrate of active ingredients and maximum efficiency
Essential oils are obtained by distilling certain plants. The manufacturers use a still to collect this substance with multiple virtues, according to the variety of the plants used. It should be noted that these products are distinguished by a high concentration that maximizes its action. However, it is strongly recommended to be careful: essential oils are only used in small doses. They should be diluted in beauty products, liquid soap, shampoo or vegetable oil. Once diluted, try the mixture on a small area of your skin to check its possible effects. After a few hours, if you do not notice any burning or irritation, you can use the mixture on your skin, hair or nails. Be careful, avoid exposing the parts treated with a mixture of essential oils to the sun during the 24 hours following the application. People with eczema, allergies, hives or asthma should not use essential oils. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or want to use essential oil to care for your children, consult an aromatherapy specialist first.

Essential oils: what benefits?
You notice that your hair is dull, your nails are brittle and your skin is marked by time. Choose the essential oils that will help you preserve your beauty naturally. For dull hair, dandruff or lack of hair tonic, treat yourself to Pimenta Racemosa essential oil from Bioflore. The essential oil of Cade Bio or Juniperus helps you to sublimate your hair and your nails. This product will restore their shine and brightness. Treat effectively your skin problems with the essential oil of holy basil. For sensitive and irritated skin, choose chamomile essential oil. Tea tree essential oil is recommended if you want to reduce wrinkles. Take care of your skin, your hair and your nails with totally natural and organic products. We present a careful selection of first quality essential oils: Propos Nature, Pranarôm, Bioflore, etc.