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Anti-cholesterol essential oils

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LouisOur herbalist has selected a range of essentialoilsthat are essential to fight against cholesterol.

Anti-cholesterol essential oils, what is cholesterol?
Cholesterol is a type of lipid secreted naturally by the liver. It is also found in animal products. Although it is essential for the proper functioning of the body, whether for cell reproduction, the creation of hormones, vitamin D and digestive juices, it can be dangerous for your health. Too much cholesterol in the body can lead to cardiovascular disease. Fat can block the blood vessels. This is dangerous in the long term. This is why it is important to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Essential oils to fight against bad fats?
Fortunately, there are natural ways to fight against bad fats. Essential oils are part of these natural solutions.

What are essential oils?
Essential oils are extracted from plants. The liquid, fruit of this extraction, is concentrated and complex. It is obtained by distillation. The essential oil is therefore a real concentrate of natural active agents present in plants. In the case of certain plants, the active ingredients could help fight against bad lipids and thus have an effect on cholesterol. Some essential oils help to eliminate bad fats naturally, thanks to their specific effects. Some essential oils like rosemary break down fats. This lipolytic activity allows the elimination of fats. Other essential oils help regulate fat levels by targeting the proteins involved. This is particularly the case with Italian helichrysum.

Promoting the secretion of bile also helps to remove bad cholesterol. Some essential oils such as lemon could help to evacuate ingested fats to the intestine, thanks to its impact on bile production. Liver-boosting essential oils, such as rosemary, also help fight bad fats.