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Synergies of essential oils for immunity

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Theherbalist offers a range ofaromatherapy to protect the body.
Our herbalist has selected essentialoilsynergies to stimulate the immune system

The immune system gathers all the elements of our body which are in charge of the defence of our organism. It is also in this system that our immune memory is stored, which allows us to react more quickly to a virus or bacteria we have already encountered. However, this system also has its flaws and does not always work with the same intensity. Indeed, external factors such as stress or fatigue can reduce the effectiveness of our immune system. This is when essential oils can be of great help.

The actions of essential oils on our immune system
The use of essential oils in order to stimulate the immune defences could allow to reinforce the organism in front of the external aggressions. Aromatherapy and essential oils in general have an invigorating effect on the body, which is strengthened, especially in difficult times when the cold and the mood play together to weaken us. In practice, an essential oil is none other than an active principle contained in the plant which is concentrated in very high doses thanks to distillation.

The synergy: the perfect combination to boost your immune system
Although each essential oil has its own benefits, it turns out that the effects are more intense when a synergy of essential oils is made. It is simply a meticulous mixture whose doses must be respected scrupulously in order to be able to draw all the benefits which one needs for each oil. You will be able to take advantage of the benefits of several oils simultaneously in order to regenerate yourself, to calm your stress, to give you a boost to fight against fatigue and thus act on all the factors that negatively affect your immune system. Louis herboristerie offers a wide range of essential oils that will allow you to strengthen your body during difficult periods or your immune system needs a boost.