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Herbes et Traditions combines the most beautiful expressions of nature with the know-how of great traditions that have preserved and gratified the intelligence of the plant, for the benefit of man and his environment.

Sensitive to Nature and inspired by Ayurveda, Brigitte Quaghebeur is involved in NGOs such as Frères des Hommes and is trained in Business Management. Co-creator of the Herbes &Traditions brand and Director of Purchasing, she works to set up fair and sustainable partnerships with local and international producers. She thus ensures the preservation of the values of origin, the quality of the products and the respect of Nature and Men.

Born in a natural environment and introduced to alternative medicine at an early age, Christian Eloy became a Naturopath in 1980, then a Heilpraktiker and specialized in Ayurveda. His observations and research as a therapist led him to deepen his knowledge of temperamental and psycho-emotional aromatherapy. Co-creator and developer of the Laboratory Herbes et TraditionsIn 1995, he developed the Olfactory Quantics, and all the ranges ofHerbes et Traditions based on the principle of Temperaments. He is currently passing on his knowledge and experience through training courses.