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Natural capsules and tablets make it easier to take medicinal plants while preserving their properties. You will be able to benefit easily from phytotherapy at work or on the move.
Thanks to their envelopes generally made of cellulose, the capsules of the herbalist's shop help the absorption of certain substances which often have a very unpleasant taste, by avoiding the oral passage.
Often, the active ingredients are more concentrated in a capsule than in other forms administered orally, and this is also the most frequently used method of administration for adults today.


- The advantages of medicinal plants presented in the form of capsules or tablets are numerous. So that your medicinal plants are always within reach and easy to take orally wherever you are, these packages are undoubtedly the most practical. Taking advantage of herbal medicine in a simple and effective way has never been so easy. Another of the main advantages of capsules and tablets is that they allow the consumption of plants whose taste is sometimes bad and difficult to bear for some people. Finally, these two presentations allow the optimal conservation of your medicinal plants.

The benefits of plants in capsules and tablets
At Louis Herbalism, the selection of plants in capsules and tablets is the object of a very particular care. The plants contained in the capsules or tablets are selected among the best and the most high quality and perfectly dosed so that you can get all the benefits for your health, all their active ingredients being preserved. Anti-ageing, digestive aid, slimming, circulation, limitation of rheumatism and pain, all the natural plant active ingredients in capsules or natural tablets are to be found on the Internet site of the herbalist.

The capsule and the tablet are a practical way to benefit from the ideal doses of the active ingredients of the plants. Certain principles can be associated between them to help you to find sleep or energy or to fight against the external aggressions with the approach of the winter for example. If you have vitamin and trace element deficiencies, the capsule or tablet will naturally compensate for them. Louis offers a complete range of medicinal plants to meet your therapeutic objectives, plants in capsules and tablets.