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Since 1828, Rampal Latour holds the know-how of the real Marseille soap manufacturing. Their olive oil or white Marseille soap is cooked in their cauldrons in Salon de Provence, respecting the traditional and authentic "Marseillais" process.

Anxious to improve the quality of their soap and the ecological footprint of their soap factory, they have developed, after 3 years of research and 2 patent applications, an improved manufacturing technique that uses 4 times less water and 7 times less energy to make it

In addition, this patented technique has improved the moisturizing and protective virtues of their Marseille soap, thanks to the natural glycerin that it now retains during the saponification process. An exclusivity Rampal Latour. And all this in the respect of the Marseilles process. With Rampal Latour, demand the best Marseille soap !