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Mother tinctures, hydroalcoholic plants for different disorders

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Mother tinctures and plant extracts from the herbalist's shop

What is a mother tincture?

A organic mother tincture is a hydroalcoholic fresh plant extract concentrated with a high content of active ingredients.

How is a mother tincture prepared?

The maceration of the fresh plant in alcohol lasts at least 3 weeks in order to extract the largest possible quantity of available molecules

It is possible to make a mother tincture with all plants but this does not mean that all mother tinctures of plants can be used internally or externally!

In order to obtain these famous herbal dropsIn order to increase the contact surface between the solvent (alcohol) and the plant, it is advisable to chop the plant (leaf, fruit, bark, root or flower)

How to use mother tincture?

A mother tincture as it comes in liquid form, it is best to dilute the recommended number of drops in a glass of water, to drink before the meal. This advice is obviously only valid for mother tinctures which are taken in internal use. If the taste is too strong, you can dilute the mother tincture in orange juice for example. Some hydroalcoholic extracts can also be used as gargles, i.e. as mouthwashes.

For mother tinctures that are not used in internal useYou can dilute the preparation, soak a compress and apply it directly to the skin. This is the case for example with arnica mother tincture.

How to use the Arnica mother tincture?

As noted earlier, the arnica mother tincture is a preparation that can only be used for external use. It is therefore advisable tosoak a compress after having diluted the mother tincture 5 times in water. This compress can be applied directly to the skin, at the site of the blow or hematoma. However, be careful to do not apply the Arnica mother tincture to a wound.

What are the properties and benefits of a mother tincture?

The mother tinctures have many qualities:
- their shelf life is longer than other galenic forms (2 to 3 years)
- their richness in active ingredients makes them a natural quality solution
- the herbalists like to use them because the dosage can be done very precisely, by the drop, which allows to personalize the recommendations.

What plants are available in the herbalist's shop in the form of mother tinctures?

Find in this dedicated section of theherbalism Louis the genuine organic mother tinctures useful in case of sleep disorders like that of Valerian or Passionflowerin the event of difficult digestion (Fennel or the Gentian for example) or when your legs start to feel really heavy (Red vine or Horse chestnut tree). Do not hesitate to browse our hundreds of references available at theherbalism to find the plant in mother tincture form that best meets your expectations!

Where do the mother tinctures of the herbalist come from?

Our mother tinctures come from reputable laboratories for the high quality of their plants and their method of manufacture. You will find the alcoholic preparations of the French laboratory Herbiolyslocated in the Hautes-Alpes region of France, but also those manufactured by Ladrôme (France) and Biover (Belgian laboratory).

Which mother tinctures to lose weight?

The mother tinctures used during slimming diets are known as stimulants of the elimination functions: this is the case of the mother tincture of Pilosellaof Meadowsweet or even Solidago. These plants will be used separately and over a short period of time, less than a month. In case of doubt or kidney problem, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor because these plants are diuretics.

What mother tinctures to sleep and have a good sleep?

Many plants are traditionally known to promote restful sleep. In the form of a mother tincture, we recommend theEschscholtzia (California poppy), theOats (Avena sativa), the Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) or the mother tincture of Valerian (Valeriana officinalis).