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The buds and young shoots of the herbalist (gemmotherapy)

Blends, bud extracts, selections, bud gums or alcohol-free buds, Louis Herbalism offers you a complete range of all the best buds and young shoots of medicinal plants. The young shoots and buds, often fluffy, selected by the greatest laboratories to extract their quintessence, are proven sources of well-being and whose effectiveness is revealed on health problems. The very etymology of gemmotherapy, otherwise known as "bud medicine", reminds us that it is about buds but also about precious stones.
The health benefits of buds
Inflammations and rheumatism will be soothed by the virtues of the blackcurrant bud. The blackcurrant bud is also ideal to support the body. For all the problems of belly pains linked to stress or bulimia, the fig tree works miracles. Women going through menopause will appreciate the incredible support of the raspberry tree. Louis offers a complete and high quality selection of all buds.

The well-being and soothing benefits of buds
Some buds have a particular effect on stress and its harmful effects. Concentrated with all the active principles of the plant, the bud acts on chronic stress. Chronic stress is harmful and leads to the disruption of many physiological functions. It is possible to prevent stress by stimulating some of our faculties and rebalancing some of our systems through the consumption of buds. The bud of fig tree is a global nervous regulator and also influences nervous digestive disorders thanks to its calming action. Lime tree calms anxiety, hawthorn acts on the heart, oak is a general stimulant.

If the world of buds still has secrets for you, do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants who will be happy to guide you in your choices.

What is gemmotherapy ?
Gemmotherapy (or phytoembryotherapy) is a branch of phytotherapy that uses young shoots and buds whose active principles are extracted by maceration in a mixture of water, alcohol and glycerine

When to take gemmotherapy ?
The buds and young shoots of plants in the form of drops should preferably be taken 15 minutes before meals, at a rate of 5 drops 3 times a day, in a glass of water.
If for practical reasons you cannot take them in several doses, you can also put these15 drops in a litre and a half of water and drink this preparation throughout the day.
It is recommended to take three-week cures, with a one-week break in between.

How long does a gemmotherapy cure last?
Gemmotherapy cures last on average 3 months. A 50 ml bottle (i.e. 1000 drops) will allow you to carry out about 2 months of treatment, at a rate of 15 drops per day.

How to use gemmotherapy ?
To use gemmotherapy correctly, it is important to differentiate between adults and children.
For adults, the usual recommended dose is 15 drops per day, but it is preferable to start with 5 drops per day and then gradually increase until the expected result is obtained.
For children under 12 years of age, it is recommended to take 1 drop per year of age and per day.
These drops are taken in a glass of water, before meals.


What are the benefits of blackcurrant bud?
Blackcurrant bud is the most famous and most used in gemmotherapy. It is recommended as an anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic agent, especially in case of joint pain.
This famous blackcurrant bud can also be used in case of allergic reactions, in spring for example.

Which bud to lose weight?
Many buds will accompany you during your slimming diet, in particular thanks to their diuretic and detox activity. Nevertheless, the most effective remains the bud of pubescent birch which will act both as a draining agent but which will also favour the action of the other buds of the synergy.
You can thus associate the bud of ash (anti-cellulite) and those of rosemary and juniper (actions on the liver)