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The benefits of aloe vera in all its forms

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L'Aloe verais available at the herbalist's shop Louis

Where to find theAloe vera ?

Considered since antiquity as a true miracle of nature, Aloe vera is now recognized for its many virtues. You will find it here in the form of juices and gels for your health or cosmetic products for your beauty! L'Aloe vera is said to be native to Africa and some islands in the Indian Ocean. In the rest of the world, it is mainly cultivated for its numerous properties, both for internal use and for cosmetic care

What are the benefits and properties of ?Aloe vera ?

The virtues of this plant were already known in ancient times. It is widely used externally for skin problems (psoriasis, eczema, fungus, itching, wart). Part of this plant is also edible and thus allows people to benefit from its digestive and depurative qualities. In external care, one will thus use the gel of Aloe vera on the face, the skin, the hair, like hydrating and nourishing care. Thus, you will find at the herbalist's shop Louis a whole range of cosmetic products from shampoo to toothpaste and cream, to take care of yourself naturally. For internal use, the organic Aloe vera gel and juice are mainly used in case of digestive disorders such as heartburn, diverticula, constipation or digestive inflammation

What is the dosage of ?Aloe vera ?

The gel and juice ofAloe vera can be used internally, at a rate of 2 tablespoons up to 3 times a day, and externally in case of skin problems

What are the contraindications ofAloe vera for internal use?

For internal use, theAloe vera is contraindicated during pregnancy and in young children. It is advised not to use it internally in case of irritable bowel syndrome, heart or kidney disorders

What will you find in this section of the herbarium dedicated toAloe vera ?

Aloe vera gel and juice in bottles of 500 ml, 1 liter or in tubes are the most popular references. Nevertheless, it would be a shame to miss the organic cosmetics made from Aloe vera: toothpaste, hand cream, face cream or even shower gel, there is something for every part of your body!