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The roots of Purasana are located in Komen, where Raf De Jonckheere opened a health food store in 1977 (Biovita). A year later, he started his own business. The company continued to grow and moved to Ypres in 1999. Raf's passion for organic and high quality products and his nose for the latest food trends led Raf to his next ambitious step. In 2010, the brand Purasana was born. The first products to appear on the market were organic vegetable powders.

Raf De Jonckheere created the brand Purasana from his personal passion for natural and organic products. His goal: to develop, produce and market high quality, safe and effective products. This is done both in-house and in collaboration with professional partners and laboratories. With the products Purasanahe wants to make people healthier and more energetic. In short: to improve general well-being. This is why Purasana focuses not only on the health and food market, but also on other sectors such as sports, wellness, home and beauty.