Loyalty and sponsorship program

Each customer registered on the website https://www.louis-herboristerie.com/en/herboristerie-louis-phytotherapie-tisanes-bio-en-ligne has a "My Rewards" account which totals the amount of his rewards.
These rewards can be changed at any time into a voucher, usable on the site. Rewards are valid for 3 months and vouchers are valid for 1 year.

There are several ways to collect rewards:

Loyalty: each product purchased on the herbalist's website entitles you to a reward (0.02€ for every 1€ of purchases, excluding delivery costs).

Sponsorship By promoting the herbalist's website to your friends and family, you get 5€ as soon as one of your sponsored friends places an order

Go to this page (you must be logged in on the site) to know all the ways to sponsor your family or friends (by email, via social networks, forums, etc).

Here is a small example

Mr. Plez earned the following rewards:
0,94€, for an order of 47€ (excluding shipping costs).
15,00€, for having sponsored 3 of his friends who ordered.
That's a total of 15.94€.
In June, Mr Plez decided to place an order on the herbalist's website and use his rewards.
All he has to do is click on the "Transform my rewards into a 15.94€ discount voucher" button in his account options ("My rewards" section).
They will then get a voucher to enter when validating their order to benefit from an immediate discount of 15.94€ with no minimum order!