The present Terms of Use apply to all Users of a notice platform operated by BIOVICTA SPRL, registered under the number (0692824181) and whose head office is located at Rue de l'Expansion 5 - 4460 - Grâce-Hollogne hereinafter referred to as BIOVICTA SPRL

The submission of notices is restricted to users of the products or services (hereinafter "the Product(s) or Service(s)") presented on the websites of the companies and brands of
e BIOVICTA SPRL. The purpose of the notices is to help Internet users, hereinafter "Internet user(s)" or "User(s)" of the websites and shops ofe BIOVICTA SPRL in their choice.

Users of the BIOVICTA SPRL Opinion Service undertake to comply with the present conditions and declare that they accept them in full.

What is the purpose of the BIOVICTA SPRL notification service?

The "BIOVICTA SPRL Opinion" service allows Users to share their appreciation of the Products and Services offered by BIOVICTA SPRL companies and brands. These comments or opinions are accessible to Internet users of the above-mentioned sites as soon as they consult the web page highlighting a Product or Service, which is the subject of the comment. These comments or opinions may also be displayed on other media, in particular on screens located in BIOVICTA SPRL stores.

How to submit a notice?

The Internet user has several ways to submit a review. They can post their review:
- directly on the internet page of the product, store, brand or service concerned
- following a solicitation he received by e-mail from one of the BIOVICTA SPRL websites
- from his loyalty space
- from a terminal, tablet (...) in store

In order to submit a notice, the Internet user must fill in certain mandatory fields, including contact details that are not visible or accessible to other Internet users and that enable the user to communicate with them. Also, in order to ensure the proper functioning of the BIOVICTA SPRL Opinion Service, the Internet user undertakes to provide accurate means of contact (in particular his/her e-mail address).

With regard to certain legal provisions, BIOVICTA SPRL may be subject to an obligation to collect and retain the identification data of Internet users who have contributed to the creation of online content. The Internet user thus undertakes to provide accurate data on his/her identity and to refrain from usurping the identity of a third party or any other entity.

In order to make the BIOVICTA SPRL Opinion Service as useful and functional as possible, on each opinion published, the User author of an opinion must give an overall rating to the Product or Service that is the subject of the opinion

What are the rules for publishing a notice?

Certain rules must be respected for the use of this service: be relevant, in good faith and think about the usefulness of your review for Internet users wishing to buy the Product or Service concerned. Your comment should not be limited to the simple fact of having liked or disliked the Product or Service but it should explain what are the qualities or defects of the Product or Service in question (technical qualities, ergonomics, aesthetics, reception, delays ...). You can also bring your own experience and ideas for improvement.

The User may only include text in his comments. His comments must contain his personal opinion, he may not copy or take over the writings of a third party. After sending his/her comment, the notice is published within 3 working days on all partner sites, or in-store screens for example, of BIOVICTA SPRL companies offering the Product or Service, subject of the notice, in the same language. The Internet user acknowledges that for technical reasons, the publication of his/her review on the above-mentioned BIOVICTA SPRL websites may take more than 3 working days.

In order to guarantee the quality of our BIOVICTA SPRL Review Service, the User of the Review Service undertakes to write a review on a Product or Service that he/she has actually tested or used.

A notice is not validated, will not be published and can be deleted for one of the following reasons (not exhaustive):
- the product or service concerned has not been used by the author of the notice
- the notice submitted does not concern the Product or Service that is the subject of the notice
- the review is a question from the User without description of the experience with the Product or Service
- the notice contains too many spelling mistakes or bad syntax reducing its interest
- the notice is filed in a language other than that of the site or form used
- the notice contains advertising and/or commercial content
- the notice contains racist, xenophobic, rude, insulting or defamatory statements
- the notice may infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties (such as citing a trademark)
- the elements relating to the identity of the User contain insults or coarse language
- the notice refers to persons including well-known personalities or does not guarantee the anonymity of Users
- the notice includes an email address, a telephone number, a postal address or any other data that can directly or indirectly identify a natural or legal person
- the notice includes a credit card number, bank account number, social security number or any other data that could lead to identity theft
- the attributes of the notice filed contain concrete elements of conflict of interest

The number of reviews submitted by the Internet user is unlimited for reviews relating to the activity of a store or to a service offered by a BIOVICTA SPRL website.
For the products offered on the BIOVICTA SPRL sites, the number of reviews per Internet user is limited to one review per product in order to guarantee greater usefulness of the reviews published.
In the event of the submission of several reviews on the same product by the same Internet user, only the last review will be taken into account and published, subject to compliance with all of these conditions.
The submission of a notice does not lead to its immediate publication. It must be validated by a moderator before publication.

How is the validation of the opinions carried out?

The User of the BIOVICTA SPRL Opinion Service accepts that his or her comment will be examined by a team in charge of moderation. The moderator will check that the reviews comply with the present conditions.

How will your review be published?

The User of the BIOVICTA SPRL Notice Service is informed that the notice published on all BIOVICTA SPRL websites or in-store displays, for example, does not contain his/her surname, e-mail or postal address.

In order for Users to benefit from a relevant BIOVICTA SPRL Opinion Service, they accept that published opinions may be deleted in one of the following cases (non-exhaustive list):
- the published notice is more than 12 months old
- the email address of the author of the notice is not valid
- the Product or Service is no longer offered by one of the BIOVICTA SPRL websites
- the Product or Service has been modified such that the notice is no longer relevant to the original Product or Service

What is the follow-up to your opinion?

By posting a notice or comment on the "BIOVICTA SPRL Notice Service", the User acknowledges that this notice becomes public and grants BIOVICTA SPRL companies and their duly authorised partners the right to use, store, publish, translate, create derivative works from, exploit, distribute and display the content, in full or in part, of the notice and/or comment, within the framework of any protection under intellectual property rights from which they may benefit, and to use the name and/or surname supplied with the notice or comment for any purpose, in particular commercial and advertising purposes, on any medium, in particular the Internet, emailing (paper and/or online), posters, signage, point-of-sale advertising, leaflets, advertisements, magazines, television and radio media and similar media, throughout the world and for a period of 10 years

BIOVICTA SPRL may also make additional proposals to the User in relation to the review submitted and in particular propose to submit a photograph of his/her user experience, propose to participate in a test or a co-creation platform, send him/her a sample of a new product... etc

The User of the BIOVICTA SPRL Notice Service accepts that the BIOVICTA SPRL brands and the BIOVICTA SPRL companies have a right of reply following the publication of the notice. This response will be made public or will only be addressed to the User who is the author of the notice.


The User of the BIOVICTA SPRL Notice Service undertakes to comply with the regulations in force, with the present notice publication conditions and with any conditions of use present on the site that enabled the notice to be published.

BIOVICTA SPRL reserves the right not to publish a notice that is contrary to the present conditions without informing the Internet user. Similarly, BIOVICTA SPRL reserves the right, at any time and without prior warning, to delete a notice that it deems to be contrary to these conditions and to the
regulation in force.

BIOVICTA SPRL declines all responsibility for the content written by the Users of the "BIOVICTA SPRL Opinion Service" as well as for any request from third parties in relation to the content of the comments published

The User of the "Avis BIOVICTA SPRL Service" acknowledges that the judicial authority may request the communication of his/her personal data.

Protection of personal data

Certain personal data enabling the Internet user to be identified are collected when he/she wishes to leave a review on the "BIOVICTA SPRL Review Service". He/she has the right to access, rectify and oppose the processing of data concerning him/her by writing, with proof of his/her identity, to the following address

Rue de l'Expansion 5

4460 Grâce-Hollogne

or by sending an email to