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L'équipe de l'herboristerie Louis

Herbalist, a profession and a childhood passion

The profession of Herbalist has always aroused in me the greatest interest, and this from my youngest age: to know the plants, their properties, their benefits but also their contra-indications or their interactions is for me an infinite source of personal enrichment.

The love of plants is one thing, knowing how to advise them is another... The Herbalist diploma having been suppressed in France in 1941, I therefore travelled the few kilometers that separate my native Ardennes from Belgium in order to follow the Herbalist training at the IFAPME of Arlon. Our Belgian friends are indeed lucky to be able to obtain this famous Herbalist diploma recognized by the State by following a very specialized course in the care by the plants: identification and transformation of the plants, vegetable biochemistry, aromatherapy, gemmotherapygeneral herbal medicine, herbalism modern and scientific, botany but also anatomy, dietetics, naturopathy and physiology are part of this high quality training.

Your online Organic Herbalist shop

The website of the Herboristerie Louis www.louis-herboristerie.com was naturally created once I obtained my diploma of Herbalist. It allows me to propose to the greatest number, in France and in Belgium, the medicine of the plants through the herbs, the roots, the leaves, the budsthe fruits, flowering tops, medicinal barks and the herbal teas that our ancestors used successfully.

Sale of herbal teas online, but not only...

Thus you can discover on the site of this online organic herbalist a wide range of medicinal plants organic or conventional, plant powders, many different types of chemotyped essential oils with concentrated active ingredients (unitaryin capsules or to broadcast), several hundred mother tinctures of high quality, but also of vegetable oilss, the herbal capsuless, the plant juicess, the glycerine macerates of budss, the integral suspensions of fresh plants (ISFP)s, the herbal syrupss, the natural food supplements and vitamins or even hydrolats (floral waters).

Our animal friends have not been forgotten! Your online herbalist shop offers a selection of natural veterinary care for all your animals and in particular dogs, cats and horses thanks to the laboratories Hilton Herbs, Bionature or even Catalyons and its reference products in oligotherapy. Herbal medicine will help them in case ofpainful jointsof urinary disordersof stressof difficult digestion but will also support the beauty of their hair or stimulate their immune defenses.

Over the years, many of you have asked me to add plants that are sometimes impossible to find... and most of the time I have succeeded!
You will find plants from all over the world like theAloe vera and the one atAloes arborescensthe Amazonian plants of Guayapi (Guarana and Gomphrena among others), the ancient remedies including theSwedish Elixir or theEau de Sainte Rita but also the integument of Blond Psyllium which brings so much relief in case of difficult digestion

Several tens of producers and laboratories were selected in order to guarantee you a vast choice of medicinal plants under all their galenic forms; this rigorous selection was carried out by my care in order to guarantee a high quality, a respect of the Environment but also an incomparable ethics. Each product that you will order on the site of the Herboristerie Louis will thus be in complete agreement with this quality charter

On Louis-herboristerie.com, you will also find the products ofapitherapy from the hives of the beekeepers of Ballot-Flurin and including the honeysthe royal jelly biological, the balmsthe propolis black Pyrenees or theApicosmetics designed from the treasures of the Beehive. Why did you choose this partner? Because Ballot-Flurin is the perfect example of a responsible company that has placed the primary interest of people and nature at the heart of its business.

The list of products available on your site would not be exhaustive without highlighting the presence of flowers of Bach originalorganic cosmetic products such as soaps Gaiia using the cold saponification process, probiotics from human strains (San), clay-based treatments (Argiletz , Argile Création) or salt from the Dead Sea (Sealine), herbal teas and teas to treat yourself (Yogi Tea, The Other Tea), the books of herbal medicine and herbalist guides, or the wide range ofnatural incense indian, Ayurvedic, vegetable, Japanese or incense resin-based (Incense of the World, Paper fromArménie).

Favourites and news make their entry very regularly as the small French Nightlightsfloating candles, ideal for creating a beautiful warm atmosphere, or hair coloring care Khadiyou can also subscribe to our free newsletter, which will keep you informed about the life of the herbalist's shop, as well as to benefit from the advice of a qualified herbalist in phytotherapy.

Do you like to make your own cosmetics according to the principles of the Slow Cosmetics label? Good news, everything equipment and raw materials are available!

An online herbalist shop with organic label

The Herbarium Louis has always had an approach aiming at the very top of the range, as much by the qualitative selection of medicinal plants, herbal teas, mother tinctures, essential oils, organic cosmetics as by its service.

Thus, several thousand of you leave your home every year your opinion on our catalog but also on the quality of the advice and on the speed of the deliveryand we thank you very much for that!

In order to formalize this approach of Excellence, the Herboristerie Louis obtained the organic certification by the independent organization Certisys (BE-BIO-01).

We are thus regularly controlled in order to guarantee to our customers a total respect of the regulation of the European Union on the Organic Agriculture: that enables us to market our products and our herbal teas by displaying the organic logo on the various boxes and bags of our plants.

This organic label gives you the assurance of obtaining products and plants that have been rigorously controlled and that scrupulously respect the environmental protection specifications.

Other labels guarantee the high quality of the plants and products offered on your website: BDIH, Cosmebio, Ecogarantie, Natrue, Nature & Progrès, Demeter, Slow cosmetics, Vegan and many others. They will be present on each product sheet in order to give you the best information.

Advice in Phytotherapy and Herbalism

The heart of the Herbalist's job is undoubtedly the advice: you will find on each product sheet a lot of information about the plants and their numerous characteristics.

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone (03 74 47 33 84), by email (info@louis-herboristerie.com), by the contact form or via instant chat to get lots of tips and information about herbalism!

Many tips and all the life of Louis-herboristerie.com are also visible on social networks, in particular on the page Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

In a permanent concern to bring you a high quality service, a part of the site is dedicated to the personalized advice of health by the plants thanks to the free software " My Plant in 1 Click !". The latter will allow you to obtain a lot of personalized information thanks to an interactive questionnaire that will naturally lead you to the plant best suited to your body.

Be assured of my total commitment and that of the entire team to continue to offer you plants and services that make Herboristerie Louis a reference!

Louis Gobron, Herbalist

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