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List of products by supplier Perlucine

What does Perlucine mean?
Perlucine , also called Conchyoline, is a protein that binds to aragonite crystals (1) to form the nacre, biosynthesized by the mantle and constituting the inner coating, with iridescent reflections, of the oyster shell.

(1) Crystalline form of biosynthesized Calcium Carbonate. Another crystalline form: calcite, with a mast-like appearance.

In 2017, Aquatonale acquired Entre Mer et Terre, a company committed to the development of our natural marine heritage.

It responds to an environmental approach by giving a second life to mineral raw materials such as oyster, mussel and scallop shells and marine clay.

From this marriage between the two companies emerges the idea of associating cosmetics and oyster shells: this is how Perlucine was born, an innovative range of hygiene care and cosmetics, 100% made in France!