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Sanaustralian White Tal - Aromatic Resin 25 g - Les Encens du Monde

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Les Encens du Monde

Relaxing and woody fragrance

Ideal for purifying the atmosphere

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Uses and properties

White sandalwood powder from Western Australia, rich in sandalwood, we chose this Australian sandalwood because the natural resource is protected (two trees replanted for one felled), and the trade more ethical (trade controlled by the state and employing 40% of aboriginal workers).

Effects: Relaxing.
Season: Autumn.
Activities: Calm.
Rooms in the house: Living.
Ingredients : Santal.
Type of incense: Woody.

- Sanitizing.

- Anti-infectious.
- Relaxing.

- Light the candle then place a pinch of resins in the cup, add a little water to the resins.
- According to the resins, the scent is emitted after 1 to 5 minutes and lasts 10 to 15 minutes.
- When the scent is exhausted, or the resin starts to smell burnt, extinguish the candle and clean the still hot glass with a spoon.

You can make your own mixtures of resins and even add commercial aromatics (tea, clove, pepper etc...) or a few drops ofessential oils in a little water to give free rein to your desires for natural home fragrances.

Bring out the perfumer in you!

Santal white from Australia, type of incense : woody.

Precautions for use
Do not leave within the reach of children. Use in a ventilated room on a daily basis

Sachet of 25 grams.

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European specialist in quality incense for almost 30 years, Les Encens du Monde have set themselves the task of making incense known and appreciated by an ever-wider public

Les Encens du MondeOur mission is to promote the richness of cultures and traditions, and to refuse to reduce incense to a simple perfumed medium. The desire for naturalness, the search for spirituality, pleasure and olfactory journeys, these are the values that they defend on a daily basis while taking care to respect the planet and its inhabitants: Sustainable Development, Fair Trade and Ecology are at the very heart of our identity.

Real incense marketed under the brand name Les Encens du Monde are produced according to traditional manufacturing methods. The ingredients used are high quality natural raw materials, for a traditional method of manufacture; in total opposition to incense soaked in baths of solvents and synthetic perfumes that are generally available to the general public.

Incense has been used for centuries by the greatest civilizations around the world. It was used in Ancient Egypt, by the Greeks and Romans, by the Mayans, the Hebrews, India, China and Japan... and in France! Incense was, and still is, used for certain religious rites to pay homage to the Gods, to promote spirituality and to accompany prayer. In China, Tibet and India, doctors also used incense to relieve and heal. Today, incense is still used in Asia on a daily basis.


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Sanaustralian White Tal - Aromatic Resin 25 g - Les Encens du Monde

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Sanaustralian White Tal - Aromatic Resin 25 g - Les Encens du Monde

Relaxing and woody fragrance

Ideal for purifying the atmosphere

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