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Hawthorn Bio - fresh plant juice 200 ml - Salus

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Circulation problems.


Sleep disorders

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Uses and properties

Hawthorn is the plant of the heart, both protective and stimulating circulation.

It helps to calm nervous tension, small anxieties, chest tightness due to stress and promotes a restful sleep.

It is an excellent plant to take in many circumstances and regularly from the age of 50. It preserves the entire cardiovascular system.

It is traditionally recommended for people who are tense, anxious and prone to palpitations.

The fresh juice contains the most active principles of the plant.

Natural hawthorn juice(Crataegus monogyna, Crataegus oxyacantha, leaves, flowers and berries) from the fresh plant from organic farming, drinking water.

Sans : alcohol, preservative, colouring, artificial flavouring, lactose.

Suitable for vegetarians.

High blood pressure.
Circulation disorders.
Sleep disorders.

Use :
10 ml three times a day, preferably before meals.

Bottle of 200 ml.


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All progress is linked to the activities of exceptional personalities. This is also the case for the company Salus thanks to the medical doctor Otto Greither (1867-1930). Motivated by a serious illness, he began researching health problems and came to the basic conclusion that many illnesses are caused by digestive disorders. He developed the medical concept of "the cure" Salus, which he began to implement in 1916 in a factory in Munich that manufactured the necessary medication.

In 1927, only eleven years after the company was founded Salus, Salus health products were on sale throughout Germany. Salus soon became the leading edge of a healing movement and business philosophy whose aim was to integrate social, ecological and health aspects for mutual benefit.

In terms of the origin of the raw materials, their composition and their production, Salus products remain "as close as possible" to nature and thus serve to maintain and promote well-being.



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Hawthorn Bio - fresh plant juice 200 ml - Salus

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Hawthorn Bio - fresh plant juice 200 ml - Salus

Circulation problems.


Sleep disorders

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