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Absolute Comfort Oil with Sweet Almond - Soothing Intensive Care 50 ml - (in

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To balance the functions of your skin and reduce discomfort

This oil can also be used as a make-up remover

Bottle of 50 ml

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storeFrench Organic Herbalist located in Charleville-Mézières (Ardennes, France)
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Uses and properties

This intensive treatment balances the skin's functions, soothes and strengthens its protective capacities. Sensations of discomfort are reduced

It can be used as an occasional treatment or as an alternative to creamsand is perfectly suited to removing eye make-up.

The skin is visibly
smoother and softer.

The Almond
In Spain, the almond blossom season starts in February. An explosion of flowers transforms the landscape into a sea of white flowers.
The ripe almonds are harvested at the end of the summer. They are sorted and dried and then freed from their green shells. The almonds are then pressed to obtain the oil.
Sweet almond oil is particularly well tolerated by sensitive skin. Thanks to its high content of fatty acids unsaturated, it reinforces the hydrolipidic film and offers a soft envelope to sensitive skin.
The sweet almond oil used in the Absolute Comfort Almond Care is exclusively of organic quality.

Properties :
- Protects.
- Moisturizes the epidermis
- Regulates the hydrolipidic balance.

Can be used as daily care or as an alternative to creams in harsh weather conditions.
Spread a few drops of oil in the hollows of the hands et appliquez-les sur la peau du face still wet.

For eye make-up removal: pour a few drops of Absolute Comfort Oil onto a damp cotton pad and gently apply it to the eyes.


Organic sweet almond oil, plum kernel oil, organic blackthorn flower extract.

Dermatologically tested.
Sanno dyes, no synthetic perfumes or preservatives and no mineral oil-based raw materials.

50 ml bottle.

In Celtic culture, health and illness were considered to be reflections of man's relationship with nature. They called " WeledaThe "Velleda" (or "Velleda") were women who had the gift of knowing the curative virtues of plants and of finding remedies

Natural substances are used in all its preparations, the practice of the bio-dynamic method for the cultivation of its medicinal plants, respect for the protection of species when gathering plants in the wild and consideration of nature protection and ecological requirements in all circumstances: this is also the philosophy of the Weleda.

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It is in the heart of Arlesheim and Schwäbisch-Gmünd, small Swiss and German villages, that Weleda was born and developed in 1921. The very rapid establishment in Alsace in 1924, close to the Swiss border, confirms the roots and the European dimension of the company.

Faithful for more than 100 years to this fundamental principle, they offer products exclusively from nature: first of all homeopathic and phytotherapeutic medicines, as well as cosmetic care. All their energy and know-how are mobilized to develop biodiversity, to care for the soil, to preserve the vitality of plants, to draw with respect from the diversity of nature and to transmit its curative virtues to human beings.

A player in the homeopathy and phytotherapy market and a precursor of natural and organic cosmetics, they are now a reference brand.

Weleda very quickly completed its offer with natural and organic cosmetic care products that have always aimed to preserve the balance of each person's body.

The coherent commitment of Weleda has led it to define high quality criteria beyond the required standards, in terms of certifications and labels:

NaTrue, the strictest international quality label applied to natural cosmetics
,UEBT, Union for Ethical BioTrade to guarantee sustainable supplies,
ISO 14001 standard for Weleda France in terms of environmental management.
Thus, from the field to the laboratory, to the finished product, the eco-responsible approach is well anchored in the culture of Weleda, which pursues its commitments every day through virtuous social and economic actions towards its employees, its region and the world.



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Absolute Comfort Cream with Sweet Almond - Sensitive and dry skin 30 ml -...

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Absolute Comfort Oil with Sweet Almond - Soothing Intensive Care 50...

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Absolute Comfort Oil with Sweet Almond - Soothing Intensive Care 50 ml - (in French) Weleda

To balance the functions of your skin and reduce discomfort

This oil can also be used as a make-up remover

Bottle of 50 ml

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Format de voyage, pratique et utile n'importe où, pour les peaux nécessitant une grande hydratation et une très légère nutrition,

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