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Red Vine organic - Circulation mother tincture Vitis vinifera 50 ml - (French)

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Red Vine contributes to the health of the vessels and is therefore recommended in case of heavy, tired legs and unsightly veins

Sanhas no contraindications and is used in all circulatory disorders.

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The Red vine contributes to the health of the vessels and is therefore recommended in case of heavy legs and tired, and of unsightly veins.

Sanif there are no contraindications, it will be used in all circulatory problems.

3 x 30 drops per day in a little water or fruit juice.

Vitis vinifera 100% hydroalcoholic extract (alcohol*, vine* (leaf), water).
*Ingredients from Organic Agriculture.


Bottle of 50 ml.

How is a dye obtained?
A mother tincture is a concentrated hydroalcoholic plant extract with a very high content of active ingredients

Dyes Biover are mainly (>70%) produced from fresh plants from controlled organic cultivation wherever possible. Depending on the moisture content and species, up to 750 g of fresh plants are used per litre of tincture.

A fresh plant releases its contents best when dissolved. However, the use of fresh plants is not always possible or desirable. The borage tincture, for example, is produced from dried 2-year-old bark.

The plants are finely chopped as soon as they are harvested and macerated in alcohol (= cold infusion) for at least 3 weeks. Alcohol is not only an ideal solvent for the extraction of the active ingredients, but it is also a technically pure product and an excellent preservative. By stirring the mixture daily, the dissolution of the active ingredients is stimulated.

After this period, the maceration is decanted and the plant residues are pressed so that only a compact mass remains, consisting mainly of cellulose. After filtration of the liquid phase, a clear solution with a minimum of 45% alcohol is obtained. The tincture is then analysed to check its conformity with the standards.

Dyes Biover are produced according to the prescriptions of a pharmacopoeia specifying, among other things, the part of the plant used (seed, leaf, flower, etc.) and the percentage of alcohol so that the preparation is always uniform

Created in 1985 in Belgium, Biover is today an important company specialized in phytotherapy and natural health products.
Environmental protection and quality control of both supplies and finished products are the primary concerns of this company.
That is why Biover complies with Iso 9001 (quality of goods manufactured) and Iso 1401 (conformity of manufacturing sites) standards and is surrounded by a research and development team in the fields of: cosmetology, nutrition and phytotherapy.

Discover all the mother tinctures of herbal medicine!

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The advice, information, recommendations, properties, indications, dosage, precautions for use etc. are provided for information purposes only.

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Biover, founded at the end of 1985, is a Belgian company specialising in phytotherapy and natural health products (mainly vitamins, plant extracts and essential oils).

Mother Nature provides us with everything our bodies need to stay in shape. Biover makes good use of the power of nature to develop its products.

They offer highly dosed and extremely safe products, corresponding to the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance). They strive to offer you top quality products that have proven their effectiveness in independent consumer tests and scientific studies.

The ingredients used are 100% pure: as far as possible, they only use components of 100% natural origin, and therefore not synthetically reproduced alternatives. These ingredients are therefore easily recognized and assimilated by the body and their action is optimally guaranteed.

The ingredients used are selected with care and respect for the environment. They are - depending on their availability - from controlled organic farming. The natural health products of Biover therefore often bear the organic label.

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Red Vine organic - Circulation mother tincture Vitis vinifera 50 ml...

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Red Vine organic - Circulation mother tincture Vitis vinifera 50 ml - (French) Biover

Red Vine contributes to the health of the vessels and is therefore recommended in case of heavy, tired legs and unsightly veins

Sanhas no contraindications and is used in all circulatory disorders.

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Semble efficace, j'en commande à nouveau

Tout est dans le titre : cela semble efficace et en tout cas améliore le ressenti de confort, j'en commande à nouveau et on verra au bout de plusieurs mois si cela se confirme

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Très bien

Efficace,,c'est un produit que j'utilise depuis longtemps.

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Très bien

Produit efficace, site sérieux

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parfait, merci

parfait, merci

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