Gelée Royale Bio française, pure et fraîche - Qualité exceptionnelle 10 g- Ballot-Flurin
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Organic French Royal Jelly, pure and fresh - Exceptional quality 10 g-

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Our Royal Jelly Bio of an exceptional quality is a great natural revitalizer, without concession on its manufacture, and put in pot as of its harvest.

Its powerful physical and mental regenerating properties ensure a close protection of the body

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The Royal Jelly Bio Dynamised from Ballot-Flurin is ideal for a " lash »
Our Royal Jelly is regenerating because richly dosed in amino acids and trace elements essential to the body.

Recommended at any time for active adults, in decline, and as a preventive measure in spring and autumn.

Noble origins:

- 100% French, our Royal Jelly is born and lovingly packaged in the Pyrenees.
- Hand-potted within hours of harvest, not frozen.
- Harvested during the honey flow, no rearing, preservation of queens.
- No centrifugation.
- Respect for the solar and planetary calendars.
- Very rich and ancient foraging areas.
- Very stable, good shelf life.
- Very rich in living and bio-available active ingredients.
- Harvest limited to 417 units/month.

Why is this royal jelly richer and more active?
- • Our Royal Jelly is certified 100% French and organic.

- Our GENTLE Beekeeping® method guarantees a fresh, high-quality organic royal jelly. It is born in France with an optimal richness in active ingredients, a living structure and an excellent vibratory field (Exclusive patent Ballot-Flurin no. FR06 51412).

- Love of bees and harvesting method Apiculture DOUCE®.

- We maintain a rigorous artisanal production (no breeding of queens nor any artificial food). Our bees only gather flowers from preserved, very rich and ancient foraging areas. The Royal Jelly is harvested in the South-West of France during the honey flow period, with only a few grams per hive, from May to August.

- Very high naturalness.

- Our fresh organic royal jelly is presented in its original state, as secreted by the bees, filtered by hand with a simple fine nylon cloth, and potted by hand within hours of harvest. It is naturally preserved in a cool place, since its harvest, and we guarantee that it is neither centrifuged, nor frozen, nor dehydrated.

- Dynamization and respect for the deep rhythms of nature.

- At the time of harvest, we ensure a positive state of mind for the beekeeper and adapt to the secular rhythm of the bees by never forcing a harvest. We respect the solar, lunar and planetary calendars.

- Exclusive formulations: the art of observing nature

- We use for our preparations several local varieties of royal jelly for a use Santee & Well-being or adapted Apicosmetics® (royal jelly from the high camps of Belmont, the forests of Balas, the hillsides of Pouchette...). Our Honey de cure® "Honey and royal jelly" contains a precise dose of royal jelly, modelled on the mixture that the hive nurses themselves make for the future bees. The preparation is dynamised by a slow manual stirring in the honey, for a maximum assimilation by the body, and a good conservation at room temperature.

Properties :
The powerful revitalizing properties of organic Royal Jelly ensure the protection of the body, the increase of vital energy and memory

It promotes emotional balance, and female hormonal balance (menopause, fertility), and provides quality sleep

When used on the skin, Royal Jelly offers your skin its regenerating, nutritive, anti-wrinkle and lifting properties.

Intended for the whole family, it takes care of tired, stressed, convalescent people, seniors, athletes..

Take one 400mg scoop (included) every morning on an empty stomach. Let it melt under your tongue while relaxing for an optimal bio-energetic effect
Wait 15 minutes before feeding again.
Beneficial as a cure at any time, especially at each change of season to vitalize the body.
Keep your royal jelly in the refrigerator before and after opening.

100% organic and French ingredient: royal jelly*
*Ingredient from organic farming. Certified by Qualité-France SAS - Le Guillaumet 92046 Paris La Défense

10 g bottle = 25 days cure.
The possible presence of small consistent grains shows the living character of your Royal Jelly. It is a guarantee of high quality.
10g jar, delivered in an isothermal box with instructions.


Preparations Ballot-Flurin are born in the South West of France, in the heart of the Pyrenees. The countryside is beautiful, lively and authentic and the bees are happy. This harmony with nature must be earned, it is everyone's responsibility.

Experts in natural health, we are first and foremost the "Shepherds of our bees". Passionate and united in an organic network of gentle beekeepers in order to continue to offer you beekeeping materials of great nutritional value.

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In the heart of the Hautes-Pyrénées, Ballot-Flurin is a family api-company founded and run by a woman, Catherine Flurin

Its energized apitherapy preparations are made in small batches, with love and full awareness, in its Bee Factory, the first organic and sensitive garden factory in the world

With GENTLE BEEKEEPING®, Ballot-Flurin fights for free bees by combating their disappearance. It protects their territories and reinforces their well-being and freedom beyond the official organic standards.

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Organic French Royal Jelly, pure and fresh - Exceptional quality 10 g- Ballot-Flurin

Our Royal Jelly Bio of an exceptional quality is a great natural revitalizer, without concession on its manufacture, and put in pot as of its harvest.

Its powerful physical and mental regenerating properties ensure a close protection of the body

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