Eau d'Argent colloïdal - Spray nasal 30 ml - Catalyons
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Colloidal Silver Water - Nasal Spray 30 ml Catalyons

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Colloidal silver spray is used as a nose care, as a purifier and antimicrobial

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Uses and properties

L'Colloidal silver in spray is used as care of the noseas a purifier and antimicrobial

3 to 6 sprays per day.

Purified and dynamized water, colloidal silver (10 mg/L).
Sanno additives, no alcohol, no paraben.

Special precautions:
- Shake before use - Protect from sun and at room temperature - If several trace elements are taken, selenium should be taken away from the other trace elements

30 ml bottle with spray.

The Catalyons are natural ionized trace elements. They are formed by free ions in solution in purified water, the concentration of which is related to the solubility of the element. The Catalyons are obtained by electro-catalytic dissolution of metals in purified water, resulting in the formation of free ions of these metals. This gives them a high degree of biological assimilation.

The Catalyons contain no alcohol, no lactose, no gluten, no synthetic coloring agent, no paraben.

No toxicity hazard: the Catalyonsthese natural trace elements, in the form of free ions, are safe to take because of their concentration. Everyone can take the Catalyonsfrom the youngest to the oldest.

Catalysts are not medicines: the Catalyons are in fact neither chemical nor pharmaceutical in essence, as nature is able to produce them occasionally when all the necessary parameters are present. Because of their ionic presentation, their concentration and the fact that they do not contain any chemical compounds, the Catalyons cannot be considered as medicines. Catalysts are catalytic supplements.

All the Catalyons can be taken without medical advice. These are dietary products and their consumption is ultimately the result of a choice of balanced diet. They do not replace medical treatment and advice from a health professional can only help you to better understand your needs.

Catalyst efficiency: the Catalyons are real enzymatic foods, factors of dietary balance because they provide the organism with the catalysts essential to life. They are in fact made up of free ions and can therefore be fully assimilated without any prior dissociation work as is the case with trace element salts. The Catalyonsby their catalytic action, maintain our defense system and promote the functioning of the human body.

The Catalyons find their application in dietetics, body hygiene, cosmetics, veterinary supplements and botany due to their unique ionized presentation and the well-known properties of trace elements.

Made in France

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The laboratory Catalyons is a family business with 50 years of experience in the creation of ionized catalysts

Raymond Valtat, who discovered these solutions, realized that metals dissolve in water in the form of ions

His work led to the development of colloidal silver, copper-gold-silver and Germanium.



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Colloidal Silver Water - Nasal Spray 30 ml Catalyons

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Colloidal Silver Water - Nasal Spray 30 ml Catalyons

Colloidal silver spray is used as a nose care, as a purifier and antimicrobial

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Avis de Farida H
Argent colloïdal

Produit bien arrivé et satisfait

Avis de Thierry P.

Livraison rapide, emballage et colis parfaits. Je n'hésiterai pas à recommander sur ce site.

Avis de Edith A.

J'ai choisi le spray nasal à l'argent colloïdal afin de me déshabituer des produits type Dolirhume très nocifs pour moi car sujette à l'hypertension, l'argent colloïdal me débouche vraiment très bien le nez, en plus on peut l'utiliser à volonté

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