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Ylang - Cristaux d'huiles essentielles - 10g

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An innovative cuisine for the pleasure of the nose, the taste buds, and for your health!

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Uses and properties

The alliance between gastronomy and aromatherapy fascinates cooks.

With its sensual and exotic touch, Ylang-Ylang will bring a flowery flavour to your desserts: cakes, fruit salads, ice creams, cocktails

It also goes well with white meats for a delicate surprise in the mouth

a blue agave base for its prebiotic properties.
Benefits of Essential Oils.
Sans salt, no sugar, 0% mat. Fat.
Only half a calorie per dose.

Use :
With a simple gesture, flavour your hot and cold drinks, put a final touch in your plates before serving, cook your dishes, personalise your starters and desserts, flavour your sauces, oils, vinegars and syrups.

One pouring per person, to sprinkle in your preparations, or directly in your plate, your cup or your glass.

One bottle contains approximately 400 pours (or individual portions).

Composition :
Agave tequilana powder*, Ylang essential oil*(Cananga odorata genuina, flower) 5%, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis flower**
Ingredients from organic farming.

Packaging :
10 grams bottle. One bottle contains about 400 servings (or individual portions).

Labels :

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Tropical cocktail

  • Wash, peel and cut the fruit into pieces: mango, pineapple, watermelon, passion fruit
  • Place the pieces in a blender. Blend
  • Add 2 tablespoons of sweetened coconut cream and a pinch of Ylang Ylangessential oil crystals
  • Blend. Add ice cubes. Serve chilled.

Other recipes are available here (pdf file)!

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The "Cristaux d'huiles essentielles®" brand was born from the discovery of a food process, extrusion, and the particular properties of agave pulp powder (or inulin) under these conditions

The essential oils are then presented in crystals! For the record, essential oil crystals do not exist naturally without this process: for example, we talk about mint crystals, but they are actually menthol crystals and not essential oil crystals, or rose essential oil can freeze, but it returns to its liquid form after heating, so we cannot talk about crystallisation as such.


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Ylang - Cristaux d'huiles essentielles - 10g

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Ylang - Cristaux d'huiles essentielles - 10g

An innovative cuisine for the pleasure of the nose, the taste buds, and for your health!

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