Elixir du Suédois - Dépuratif et Vitalité 50 ml - Herbalgem
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Elixir du Suédois - Depurative and Vitality 50 ml Herbalgem

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Here is the famous Elixir du Suédois in a 50 ml bottle, known for its digestive, depurative, vitalizing and immune system stimulating properties.

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L'Swedish Elixir What is it?

The birth of the Elixir of the Swede goes back to the ancient civilizations of Babylon and Egypt, where there was a mysterious (elixir of long life), reserved for the kings and priests of the time.

It was in the 12th century, during the period of the Crusades, that the recipe came to us and circulated under different names among herbalists, alchemists and researchers. The most famous of them were Paracelsus in the sixteenth century, followed by Doctor Samst in the eighteenth century, a Swedish doctor. The latter definitively wrote the composition of what would later be called "the Elixir of the Swede".

Unfortunately, at the end of the XIXth century, modern chemistry, in particular medicines, supplanted the use of medicinal herbs for a time, and the elixir was forgotten.

In the 20th century, an Austrian specialist in traditional herbal medicine, Maria Treben (the famous herbalist), rediscovered the recipe of this elixir as well as its digestive, tonic and depurative virtues.

The elixir of the Swede has been appreciated for the past twenty years

Properties :
A natural product essentially composed of bitter plants and alcohol, the Swedish elixir has the following properties:
- Detoxify the body and tone it up ( it helps digestion after a rich meal).
- Depurative action: disinfect, detoxify, stimulate circulation.
- Sovereign digestive action against flatulence, stomach heaviness, cramps, nausea, heartburn or constipation.
- Tonic action: the plant extracts contained in the preparation are known to fight and prevent general and intellectual fatigue, and even sexual fatigue!
- Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, in external use it can also relieve insect bites, irritations, small inflammations, pimples or acne..

It is thus at the same time digestive, tonic and depurative, i.e. that it recapitulates with him only the whole protocol of a cure of detoxication and naturopathic regeneration.

If we study the different actions of the main components of the Swedish elixir The two main types of plants used are :
- Either laxatives (aloe, senna, rhubarb and manna);
- Either hepatic and/or stomachic s, usually lined with tonics (saffron, gentian, angelica, carline, and zedoary).

The few other plants seem to be very judiciously charged with disinfect (myrrh), of detoxify (Venetian theriac), and stimulate blood circulation (camphor)

Drink 15 drops per day outside of meals. Do not use for children under 12 years old, during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Composition of the Elixir of the Swede according to the recipe of Maria Treben:
10g of aloe, gently stimulates digestion
5g of myrrh, mentioned by Hippocrates as a tonic
0,2g saffron, stimulating and digestive
10g of senna leaves, digestive action
10g camphor, tonic action (except in case of low blood pressure)
10g rhubarb root, bitter tonic
10g of zedoary root, stimulates digestion
10g of ash fruit (manna), used as a mild laxative
10g of Venetian theriac (Venetian theriac: a famous preparation based on numerous plants, minerals, and honey and other ingredients)
5g of carline root (close to thistle), depurative
10g of angelica root, tonic and restorative
Optional: 5g of gentian root, general tonic

Bottle of 50 ml of Elixir du Suédois (Organic sugar cane alcohol 40%).

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Elaborated with the greatest care, the Swedish Balm offers all the beneficial properties of the organic Swedish Elixir made according to the method of Maria Treben, with the advantage of a practical and fast application in external use. [...]
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Elixir du Suédois - Depurative and Vitality 50 ml Herbalgem

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Elixir du Suédois - Depurative and Vitality 50 ml Herbalgem

Here is the famous Elixir du Suédois in a 50 ml bottle, known for its digestive, depurative, vitalizing and immune system stimulating properties.

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Avis de Christine
Facile, rapide, sérieux

Mon seul regret est de n'avoir pas de dosette ou compte goutte

Elixir du suédois

Super produit : efficace pour la digestion, doper l'organisme, soigner les plaies, en cataplasme sur des articulations douloureuses, pour aider à cicatriser. Produit que j'utilise régulièrement et que je recommande.


Bon produit ! déjà essayé l'année dernière ! j'ai passé un super hiver ! ¨je recommande

Avis de Eunice C.

Je connais l’élixir du Suédois depuis des années, pour ces vertus. J’apprécie ce conditionement pour l’emporter partout avec moi .

Avis de Joel C.

Très satisfait. Livraison rapide.

5 11

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