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BioSavor is a company located in Ile-de-France in the Yvelines. Their director Michel has had the chance to travel the world, from Africa to South America, far from mass tourism.

It is in remote areas of Ghana or the Amazonian forest, after many kilometers on tracks that he met local producers happy to share their products and their cultures. Thanks to this, they were able to develop a fair trade exchange

Rich of his experiences, he decided to return to France to make discover or rediscover his products. It was also an opportunity to shake up this sector where many foreign companies are present and to bring French know-how and quality to the market.

With more than 10 years of experience in the world of powders, BioSavor has the knowledge to guarantee the nutritional quality of its products.

Thanks to these encounters, they were able to create a powerful link with the locals. They were able to help them in their daily life. They also work with French producers and craftsmen.