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The Distillery Abiessence has been established in the Monts du Forez since 1999. It was born from a family impulse and a real passion for resinous trees, aromatic plants and for this preserved region of the Massif Central.

For our range of essential oils, they cultivate their own aromatic plants, planted a stone's throw from the company. The rows of the strongest plants (thyme, savory, lavender), which were weeded by hand in the past, are now maintained with mulch.

Today, Abiessence produces 25 different essential oils and 30 floral waters. They are packaged in bottles and used as ingredients in cosmetic, household and food products.

Their entire manufacturing process (harvesting, distillation, packaging) is certified by the ECOCERT organization, which gives them the AB label. The quality of their products and services is a priority for their regulatory and safety department.